As part of her personal exhibition, Confession, open from the 3rd of August to the 1st of September 2022 at the ETAJ artist-run space gallery, Ioana Aron presents installations that include scenographic elements, photo collage, video art, monoprint and painting.


Mihaela Moțăianu’s virtual exhibition was presented Wednesday, 29th June 2022, on the main page of the Romanian Cultural Institute website and the social networks pages of ICR Lisbon. The series of digital collages create a unique experience in the virtual space.

Sacrifice – permutations of volumes

Visual artist Vlad-Dan Perianu participates with an installation entitled “Sacrifice” at the National Village Museum Dimitrie Gusti in the annual event organized by the Association of Religious Fine Arts and Restoration.

Exhibition | Experiment. Technê. Imagination

The Icehouse Gallery at the Culture Center Brâncoveneşti Palaces at the Gates of Bucharest hosted the exhibition Experiment. Techne. Imagination. the first personal Exhibition of Maria Panțur and curated by Ioana Stelea.

Flag for environment

The work entitled “Flag for environment” (Drapel pentru Mediu) by Ileana Ștefănescu was exhibited at the National Salon of Contemporary Art 2021 edition. The work is part of a series of picto-object / environment works, part of personal doctoral research.


Within the 2021 DIPLOMA festival, Alexe Popescu held a workshop where he presented some of his Folding + Upcycling projects.


In the period 8-17 October 2021, it took place the exhibition ‘Upfold’ of the designer Alexe Popescu, within the 2021 Diploma Festival.


„Where is Artistic Research in the Academy of Arts: Underground, Überground or at the Rectors’ Office?” a lecture – discussion held by Prof. Dr. Vytautas Michelkevičius from Vilnius Academy of Arts Lithuania.

Research Laboratory | Farewell to Research

A curatorial project originally conceived as part of the 9th Bucharest Biennale (BB9), conceptualised and curated by Henk Slager. Exhibition and performative conference organized in the period 23 September – 5 October 2021 at UNAgaleria.

Phoenix Bird – Rebirth and Recovery

Vlad-Dan Perianu participated in the Association of the Religious Fine Arts Branch, with three works that had as object the relationship volume-colour-kineticism. “The Phoenix Bird” also integrates a mechano-morphic component, which helps to develop the kineticism of the sculpture.

Round Table | Collaborative Thinking

The main topic of the round table organised at the URBAN INSIGHTS exhibition was the collaborative thinking. It incited discussions about creating a hub for the collaborative development of an artistic environment.


Open at Galeria 15 Design – Hanul cu Tei, in the period 20-31 August 2021, URBAN INSIGHTS brings together three different perspectives on the City approaching artistic research from a multi-directional perspective.

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